Wheels & Heels for Meals

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Wheels & Heels for Meals is one of the Food Pantry’s largest fundraising events.  It began in 2009 and grows every year. Our 88-mile ride begins at the Food Pantry, in the town of Fort Davis, TX, and meanders along beautiful, scenic roads to the town of Valentine and then back. It is designed for everyone from the occasional rider to the experienced cyclist. No one is required to ride the entire 88 miles and it is not a race.  Along the way, there are two pit stops with food, shade, portable toilets and wet towels.  Then in Valentine, lunch is served with music and surprises. One year we even had an apple bobbing contest!

In 2013, we introduced a new, shorter, fun route called the Princess Tour. And at only 17 miles of mostly downhill, scenic roadways and chock full of pampering extras, you will know why it was named as such.  On the Princess Tour, you are treated like royalty. First, you are whisked to the top of the mountain starting point (Bloys Camp) while enjoying scrumptious pastries, orange juice and espresso. At the finish your paparazzi awaits to rejoice with you in your success!

And also, beginning in 2014, the Wheels For Meals event became the Wheels & Heels For Meals.  We added a new walking route for those that would like to participate in the fundraising and sights but aren’t comfortable biking the longer distances.

For more details on this year’s Ride, watch this page. Or, send an email to info@foodpantry-jdc.org to request more information.