Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives

Food Pantry of Jeff Davis County launched its new effort, Healthy Food, Healthy Lives, to ensure that our clients – children, families, elderly, veterans, people with disabilities, the working poor – not only receive adequate food, but also healthy and wholesome food that promotes better overall health, sharper minds and increased sense of well-being.  With the assistance of our many partners, Pantry clients will now receive more fruits and vegetables, whole grains and quality proteins.  Knowledge about how good nutrition affects health is also crucial in making good food choices.  We will be providing several opportunities to learn and share information about nutrition and health.

The program’s main focus is on the Children’s Lunch Program, filling the gap made by the absence of cafeterias in county school districts and lack of federal lunch programs.  As a result, all children in both Valentine and Fort Davis will receive re-usable lunch bags and containers to help them and their parents consistently pack healthy lunches to keep them focused and short during the school day.

Additionally, Steps Toward Health is an event that is also part of this new program aimed at providing more fresh produce, healthy proteins, whole grains and dairy to its clients, especially for the children’s school lunch program that fills the gap created by the absence of cafeterias and free lunch programs in the county’s school districts.

Our Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives donors and partners include:

The Abell-Hanger Foundation   ℘   Fasken Foundation

Carl E. & Florence B. King Foundation


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The Food Pantry of Jeff Davis County is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides supplemental food with an emphasis on wholesome choices. It relies on private donations and grant contributions. For more information about the Food Pantry, eligibility for services, and the Healthy Food, Healthy Lives program, call 432-426-3886 or send an email to