Another Fresh Food Delivery

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The Food Pantry of Jeff Davis County is happy to announce that we will be receiving one pallet of fresh peaches and one pallet of fresh corn on Thursday, September 3rd at 10:30 a.m. This is open to all people and is on a “First Come” “First Served” basis.

Again we are very fortunate to be on the receiving end of these fresh food deliveries. This is the third one this year. We are needing to get rid of ALL the food as soon as possible. We do not have any storage space to store it. The product is ok now, but will spoil if not used quickly. Please come and pick up what you can.

What To Do With Fresh Foods About To Spoil

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On Monday afternoon, July 27th, the Food Pantry of Jeff Davis County received six pallets of fresh foods which were distributed to anyone who showed up, including Alpine, Marfa and Valentine residents as well as Fort Davis. Most of the food was still in fine condition but needed to be consumed quickly. We did not want it be become part of the 40% that is wasted in our country per day. Our Food Pantry proved that if you can get this food to us, we can USE it. Many people in West Texas know how to can and use fresh foods quickly.

Then, on August 22nd, our Food Pantry received 5,468 pounds of fresh foods from South Texas including watermelon, peppers, tomatoes and carrots.  This time it was distributed at our regular distribution time. Again, we proved that food should never go to waste or to the dump.  Food Pantries can use fresh foods anytime.

Pasadena Youth Group helps the Food Pantry of Fort Davis

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Twenty youth from Sunset United Methodist Church in Pasadena, Texas, along with 7 adults including their pastor, came to help our Food Pantry. They created two beautiful herb gardens. The gardens were planted with herbs for the entire community to use. They also repainted the red doors around the pantry.  Everything is now a beautiful GREEN! They worked for two days and accomplished their tasks which actually started a year ago. This group worked for a year to earn the money for the trip and all the supplies that were need for the tasks. We are forever thankful for everyone at Sunset United Methodist Church!

2015FP_PYGGarden builders_Judge   2015FP_PYG_Painting

2015 Coolest Fourth Prize Drawings

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22 Winners Chosen at Coolest 4th Drawing

The Food Pantry of Jeff Davis County drew 22 winners’ names on Sunday at noon at the annual Coolest Fourth celebration. Many of the Big Bend Area establishments offered generous gift certificates and we hope you will support these businesses. Below are the businesses and the corresponding winners selected.

Aubrey Lynn Boutique • Ana Chandler
Big Bend Coffee Roasters  Estefana Granado
Brown Dog Nursery • Terry Holder
Cochineal • Fonda Ghiardi
Davis Mountain Nut Company • Mary Fenton
Cueva de Leon • Cindy Crawford
El Patio • Debbie Billing
Fort Davis Drug Store • Lisa Gandy
Hebert’s Caboose • Edward Dutchover
High Desert Yoga • Cyndee Barnes
Jett’s Grill • Dave Taylor

Lupita’s • Elaine Harmon
Maiya’s • Garrick Stephens
Mando’s • Lulu Lopez
Mary Lou’s • Betsy Burns
Maria Grubb Blankets • Judy
Plaine • Missy Cantrell
Poco Mexico • Richard Masterson
Porters • Richard Reinberg
Porters • Lupe Rubio
Reata • Kathie Woods
Stone Village Market • Carolyn Bullard.

2015 Coolest Fourth Pie Contest Winners

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Once again, we had some amazing entries at our Food Pantry’s Annual Pie Contest. The contest coincides with Fort Davis’ Coolest Fourth Celebration over the Fourth of July weekend. Below are the winners chosen.

Pam Breithaupt  won First Place with her amazing, most original, Old Fashioned Oatmeal Pie. The special touch of chocolate may have made this the winner! Toni Case came in Second Place with the most attractive “American Glory,” cherry/blueberry pie. Third Place went to Tammy Files for the more than traditional American Apple Pie. Honorable Mention was awarded to Edna Inglis who is still baking tasty Pumpkin pies at 93 years old! Pies were sold by the piece to support the Food Pantry of Jeff Davis County, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

A big “thank you” to all who baked and supported this year’s Pie Contest.

1st Place - Pam Breithaupt

1st Place – Pam Breithaupt

Toni Case

Toni Case

Tammy Files

Tammy Files

Edna Inglis

Edna Inglis


2014 Volunteer Luncheon

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Our wonderful volunteers were treated to a great luncheon prepared by the Board of Directors and staff on January 24th, right after distribution in Fort Davis. They were thanked for their many hours of help to the Pantry and given volunteer certificates. A short discussion of civil rights and confidentiality was held. Our Brenda Bell Volunteer of the Year 2014, Shawn Zimmerman, was announced as well as John and Melanie Pace, Couple Volunteers for 2014. We served a dessert of valentine cookies to remind everyone of the Grand Opening of the Choice Pantry on February 14th at 2:30 PM in Valentine, TX.


Volunteer lunch Volunteer lunch line Eager volunteers

Congratulations to Our 2014 Volunteers of the Year

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Volunteers – community members like you – donate over 1200 volunteer hours every year to the Food Pantry. Volunteers contribute REAL WORK that makes it possible for the Pantry to successfully carry out its mission. Our volunteers are enthusiastic, dedicated to alleviating hunger, and highly reliable. In 2014, we instituted our Volunteer Training and Appreciation Luncheon to take place after distribution, the third Saturday of January. Our volunteers deserve to have the tools they need to be successful in their many tasks.  WE THANK YOU ALL!!


Melanie and John Pace – Brenda Bell Volunteers of the Year Award 2014

When Melanie Pace joined the Board of the Directors as treasurer in 2011, she jumped right in to help out in all the fundraisers. She and her husband John would help set up the tent for the Coolest Fourth event, she joined the Wheels for Meals as a rider and even baked cookies for the Harvest Bowl. Now she and John are busy with their own business, but they still support the Food Pantry with yearly tax preparation.



Shawn Zimmerman – Brenda Bell Volunteer of the Year Award 2014

Shawn is one of those people who takes any job seriously and goes overboard to get it done correctly. She works hard at assisting any person/family who needs extra help. She answers questions and needs even before they are asked. Shawn helps to unload the truck deliveries, pack up the Valentine commodities and assists with the Saturday distributions. Shawn and her smiling face are there when ever needed.


Harvest Bowl Event Great Fun

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Over 120 people came for homemade soups, fresh breads and an array of desserts at the annual Food Pantry Harvest Bowl.  This year there were 12 different soups from old favorite Lupe Rubio’s Five Star Chili to Catherine Fleming’s new Green Chili Corn Chowder, along with other annual favorites to choose from. The Border Blues played to the packed house while folks dined, bought raffle tickets, shopped for pottery and bid on fine art. There was even a little dancing going on among the always enthusiastic Food Pantry volunteers and board members.

The grand winner of the raffle was soup-maker and volunteer Roseland Klein, who won the $100 gift certificate from Porters/Thriftway. Perry Cozzen won a $25.00 certificate from Stone Village Market, Diane Trevino won a $25.00 certificate from Fort Davis Outfitters. Lynda George won a thanksgiving pie of her choice donated by Susan Penney. Everyone there was a winner with the best all-you-can-eat soup supper ever!

The Food Pantry of Jeff Davis County alleviates hunger and promotes healthy eating for residents in need. We do this by providing nutritious supplemental food, school lunch foods to families with school age children, and nutrition information. For more information about the Food Pantry, eligibility for services, and the “Healthy Food, Healthy Lives” program, call 432-426-3886 or e-mail

l to r: Roseland & Janet, Isaac

Roseland&Janet  Isaac

l to r: happy soup choices, happy eaters

HappySoupChoice  HappyEaters

l to r: Betty joins Border Blues, Alpine connection

Betty&BorderBlues  AlpineConnection