About Us

Annual Report 2018 Final

Food is our first name and that is the importance we place on food – it must come first. Without a nutritional diet, no one will be able to think, make informed decisions or learn. Its importance is foremost in all lives.  We do not see homeless people on our streets in Jeff Davis County. Most of us do not notice the significant number of people the government now calls “food insecure”.  Most times, you cannot tell by looking at someone that they are truly hungry.

The Food Pantry of Jeff Davis County’s mission is to help all the families in need in our area. This year, we have had 173 households (129 children, 465 individuals) sign up for our services.  In total, we are still serving about the same number of families as last year – 20% of our county. Some moved away to better jobs, some passed on and some earned/inherited enough money to live on.

Opportunities to Support

2018 Annual Report

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Our Mission

Food Pantry of Jeff Davis County alleviates hunger and promotes healthy eating for residents in need.

Our Objectives

We do this by providing nutritious supplemental food, school lunch foods to families with school-age children, and nutrition information.


Our Vision

We envision a county with healthy and nutritiously fed children, families and individuals.

Our Values

We believe in:  the dignity of the individual; the right to healthy, nutritious food; the ability to choose the foods we eat;  and respect for cultural distinctions.

Whom Do We Feed?

By the numbers:

  • The Food Pantry provided supplemental food for nearly 20% of our County’s residents (469 total individuals).
  • The average number of households receiving a bi-monthly distribution is 113, representing about 300 individuals.
  • The average client income is $14,493, more than $5,000 below the poverty line for a family of three.
  • The average size of client households is 2.8 persons.
  • Nearly 55 households received supplemental school lunch foods from the Pantry, representing approximately 112 school-age children.
  • The Pantry distributed more than 82,000 pounds this year for a total of over 890,000 pounds since 2001.