2015 Steps Toward Health Community Event

2015 Steps Toward Health Community Event

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The Food Pantry of Jeff Davis County hosted its second annual Steps Toward Health Community Event on May 16th at the Food Pantry in Fort Davis. Everyone had a chance to learn about improving eating habits, and about how to prevent or live with diabetes. They had their blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol tested for FREE at the health fair. Understanding that that two out of every three Americans are overweight or obese, learning about your numbers can help you start your path to healthfulness by having a base number, whether young or older. This knowledge can guide you in how to manage your health and the choices you should make in your diet and life style.

Bob Rice, Family Nurse Practitioner, spoke about preventing and living with diabetes and hypertension. He helped to explain about carbohydrates and your diet. Fun, tasty and healthy foods were served, and several ideas on easy ways to exercise were shared.



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